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            Current universal usage of plastics generates increasing environmental impacts, particularly in the Fields of natural resources depletion, production emissions and end of life waste management. If We want to control and limit negative effects of those impacts, it is necessary to implement the Policy of sustainable development in plastics life cycle. This can be achieved by using bio plastics,

                Plastics that are susceptible to biodegradation and plastics produced from renewable Resources. Despite the current economic crisis the market of bio plastics is developing rapidly and globally known brands invest heavily in their applications. According to plastic industry associations this Growth is expected to continue in foreseeable future.

             Plastic bags are source to carry purchases mostly. Once they have been used they became part of trash. The real problem is lack of awareness of dealing with them. Before Olympics 2008, china cracked down on plastic bags by banning ultra thin bags. This was a positive step taken in favor of environment. A number of European countries have bag taxes in some form and policies are there to reduce the use of plastic bags. Cities have already banned plastic bags while others have adopted taxes on them.

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