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About Us

Biopack India

      Bio Pack products saves energy, helps to reduce the greenhouse effect and becomes fertile humus for the soil. We are committed to innovation and reliability as we continue to develop cutting edge ideas to serve the changing marketplace.

   Bio-Pack India provides world’s best biodegradable and compostable plastics which adheres to all International and Indian standards of testing for biodegradable plastics. We use cutting-edge technologies to invent the plastic bags that are edible by the microbes present in the soil. Our bags biodegrade, even if it is buried deep in a landfill unlike oxo and photo degradable materials available in the market. As a result, our bag breaks down into organic matter like water, Co2, CH4 and Humus.

Our products are under constant evolution with over the years of research, development and production experience.

This critical knowledge of plastics, state of the art ISO 9001 production site, extensive independent third party testing results and thousands of internal biodegradability and compostability tests for our customers generated in our on site laboratories operating in accordance with ISO 17025 makes us the most preferred packaging partners.

      With our focus on individual customer needs, you can choose whether your Bio Pack finished bags are manufactured from biopolymer or bio plastic resins giving you complete control over our products. We make it easy to build unique custom packaging products that are catered to your business requirements.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Every product manufactured undergoes stringent testing and validations before it is introduced and included in our product range. We enlist the help of various top rated third party organizations for checking and re-checking our promise to our customers. Our manufacturing facility is 100% compliant with local and International standards. Fully equipped laboratories can be found in the facility and are essential to BioPack’s requirement of packaging superiority.